Friday, July 07, 2006

Hodge Podge

Tomorrow is Joshua's birthday party. We're having a small gathering of family and a few close friends with small children. The theme is Winnie the Pooh and oh-so cute. I'm not a huge Pooh fan, but you are only a kid once and most kids think Pooh is cool. Adda made the cake (again) and it turned out super cute. I'll post pictures tomorrow after the party. I'm looking forward to celebrating and actually enjoying a day dedicated to Joshua. The second baby sometimes, okay most times, gets overshadowed by the bigger sibling. I'm excited that Joshua will be celebrated. He deserves the attention because he's so sweet. And cute. Don't forget cute.

It's July. July means TTC #3. I'm so nervous. AF should be here next week. I'll call in to get my IUI schedule. Wowsers. I am pretty superstitious. I won't talk about it much here because I want it to be low key and non-stressful (yea right!). If you have the link to my other blog then you can read about the cycle there.
Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks!


Jerri Ann said...

can I have the link to the other blog?

Cat said...

me too me too? We are also branching out into ttc world...I also have another blog that I have just started for that. Want to swap links?

And Happy Birthday Mr. Blue Eyes!

Darchele said...

Could I get the link to your other site. I am TTC my second.