Monday, July 31, 2006

On Being a Mom to two boys...

In the beginnings of time when I first started dreaming of a family, I always found myself (in my dreams) holding my daughter wrapped in pink swaddling blankets. Fast forward to 2003 when an ultrsound revealed I would bear a son. *insert record scratch here*. Reality check!

Life with two boys has been interesting. I've learned quite a bit about the male species. I've watched my three year old as he's grown and have come to grips with a lot of things. My list is long, but here are a few sniglets of things I've learned thus far in my gig of "Mom to two boys-NO girls".

1. All things gross are fun and entertaining and VERY COOL! Poop-The bigger the better. Small Poops-as long as it's poop, it's cool. Pee in a potty is very thrilling. It's yellow and well, just cool because you know it came from your penis which is dubbed doubly cool because you can play with that. In public even. Boogers-awesome!

2. Loud noises are NOT loud noises, but an expression of ones self. You can't just run through the house and not scream at the top of your lungs. You must make yourself known to the world. I am boy, hear me roar! There is nothing small about a boy's voice.

3. Your penis is important. You don't know why yet, but you find it cool. It's a toy attached to your body. It's amazing. Around the age of three you can watch it get big. The best part is when you tell your Mom, "Mom-My teetee is bigger". We won't note what your Mom does when she realizes just what it is you are talking about, but it was enough to make her pass out.

4. Rough housing is a boy's sport. Mommy is allowed to rough house in case of Daddy absense. For the most part, Daddy and Boys are to play together. Roughly. Special bond stuff. Don't ask. You're not cool enough because you make estrogen to be in that club.

5. Household objects can become weapons. Don't give your kids play guns, swords or knives, no. Just wait. They will find things to make into weapons. Wrapping paper tubes are great swords. Your hand can substitute for a gun. And the words "Doom-Doom" are supposed to make you fall to your knees and yell "No, Don't KILL ME, NO"! *Insert fake death here*

6. It's all about the laughs. The humor. The jokes. Knock, Knock-Who's there? Apple. Knock-Knock-Who's there? Banana. Repeat over and over and over again and pretend laugh in between. Ya, don't get it? Neither do I?

With all these things being shared. I love my boys. I can't imagine life any other way. I just find it interesting each day that boy's share such differences than females. I honestly "get" my husband more now that I have boys. If anything, it has brought us closer together and made me realize that sometimes the testosterone made 'im do it.


Nicole said...

As another mom to 2 boys (5 & 2.5) - I totally agree with everything in your post! I love having boys & if we were to have another child (we're done, but IF) - I think I'd like another boy! :o)

Kristin said...

I totally agree with everything you said about boys
I have three so all of the above definately applies in our household. :)

Monique said...

LOL...OMG Aimee I am so feeling you with the the boy thing, BUT and a huge one here...Alyson (my beautiful female child) does all of those things and more!!!!! I am terrified....she is a TOMBOY but still frilly??!?!?!?!? So when you have your daughter with the boys in the house she will follow them with all of that and no matter how hard I try to tell her girls don't do that, she just laughs and says "I DO"

Nicole said...

Wanted to add that I just finished this book: It was very good & very true!!

Bev said...

I agree with you on everything; that is what my sons do! I was just thinking about the penis touching thing when I came across your entry.