Friday, August 04, 2006

Second Phase of the TWW!

I'm 8dpiui today. I started off the cycle with such hope and then I got the dreaded cold. I was in bed for two straight days while Mr. Big cared for the kids so I could get well. I then proceeded to take the following two days easy by lounging around the house in my pajamas since it was the weekend and Mr. Big would be home. It worked well. Between the Zpack and the lounging I started feeling lots better. My hope returned when I could breath through both nostrils and taste my food again.

As the days have creeped by I have thought long and hard about alot of things. The most being how much I want a third child and how much joy that child will bring to our already happy home. Yes, life is crazy with two kids and sometimes I wonder how we get things done around here, but ultimately a third child would just be the cherry on the cake. I'm excited! I hope that I'm pregnant.

I had my progesterone level done yesterday at 7dpo and it came back good. I was happy with that and it boosted my confidence some. I just hope I'm not in for a huge disappointment come next week. The rollercoaster of infertility is always looming around. I wait for the bottom to fall out at any moment. Every little ping and pain is followed by a sinking heart. Is that cramp going to bring AF? Oh, no-I don't feel anything, I must not be pregnant. This is the hard part for me. TTC, that is. I can't stand the unknown and the what ifs.

8dpo-not much longer and we should know something. I hope we have good news to share.


Jerri Ann said...

I know this is a touchy subject but I lost connections with you way back when and I was wondering what ended up being the fiinal punch line to ol' fertility's cruel joke...what was it that finally guided you through the successful pregnancies because what ever it is, folks need to know about it.....just curious, you don't have to answer if it is too painful though, I understand!

VirgoJen said...

I hope you have good news too! Crossing my fingers!!!

Kristin said...

Fingers crossed!!!

Colleen said...

Take it easy....easier said than done, I know. Hope everything works out!!