Friday, September 22, 2006


So, you know how I was telling you about my son starting teeball? I took him to the Astros game to show him how the game was played. Remember that?

I show up at the Y yesterday with family in tow. Mr. Big marches Jacob out onto the teeball field with kids that appeared to be of the same age group. The coach looked baffled. Come to find out the kids we were standing amongst were 5 year olds and they had already met and practiced twice this season. Doi!

I was baffled myself. So, the Y coordinator told us that they don't have a small stuff TEEBALL. They have a small stuff SOCCER! Ohhhhhh!!!!!!

So, Jacob is in SOCCER! Excuse me for confusing you, but his idiot mother signed him up for soccer all the while thinking he was going to play teeball. I was sort of bummed, but once I saw him and Mr. Big on the field playing soccer, I was thrilled. He loved it.

Thursdays at 6:30 will be our Soccer night. Joshua couldn't be anymore thrilled because his favorite thing in the entire world are BALLS! He clapped and waved at his brother all the while declaring "BALL!!!".

And, so much for that new baseball glove and cap! Yea.

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Colleen said...

OOPS! Glad Jacob enjoys soccer even though it's not what he thought he was going to be playing. Last year I signed my 3 year old for what I was thinking would be her last Parent-in-the-water swim lessons. My big oops? I signed her up for big kid lessons by mistake. How stupid did I feel being the only parent who showed up in my swimsuit? EXTREMELY stupid I tell you!! At this pool there were adult fitness classes going on and lap swim, so I COULD have done something besides sit in a chair in my swimsuit watching my daughter in her class...but I didn't. Luckily my daughter had been going to pre-school for a few months and was used to doing something without me. All of this babble to say other Moms goof up like you did!! Don't feel too badly. I'm sure the boys will still get lots of use out of the glove and cap!