Friday, October 27, 2006

Halloween is just around the corner...

Halloween-4 days away!

We're ready for Halloween! The boys are going to be Superman and Spiderman. Joshua's costume is just too cute for words. I need to do a mock dress up and take pictures. The face mask and hat is what I'm worried about. He hates for things to restrict his head/face. So, that will be interesting. I'm sure I can keep it on him long enough for a picture. I hope! Jacob on the other hand, his costume has muscles on chest and he thinks he's HOT stuff. We will have no issues with him wearing his costume.

In other news, I'm 8dpiui today. I'm feeling pretty negative about this cycle. I don't know why, just am. Everything went great. We had four mature eggs at trigger. Sperm count was good. Everything went smoothly. I don't know why I'm negative. Sigh. So, we'll see. I'm hoping this is it, but bracing myself for another cycle, or two or three.

Just for fun-in honor of Halloween and dressing up:
Your Unique Costume is a Rasta Mon

Where's da party mon?

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