Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Life is what happens...

Man-Life has been busy! Who's isn't, right?

Jacob is on week four of soccer at the YMCA. He loves it. He is so cute kicking that ball up the field to his team mates. They came up with a team name, The Stars. It's so fun to watch them improve each week. They have come a long way since week one. The first week they looked like they had never seen a soccer ball. Now they know the drills and love to kick the ball in the goal. I'm so glad we signed Jacob up because he is having to talk and interact with other kids on a team. I really believe it has done wonders with his social skills. He will actually talk and tell people his name now!

Joshua is tootling all over the place. He is talking alot more and says something new everyday. He is infatuated with any type of ball. He loves to kick balls around the house and say "Kick it". So funny! He has the cutest little squanched up face grin and we often make him laugh just to see him do it. He loves for Mr. Big to rough house with him and chase him around the house. Mr. Big throws him into the air and says "Up High". Joshua eats it up! He adores his Dad. Mr. Big really enjoys this age because they start to play and enjoy interaction with him.

I am in the midst of another IUI cycle. I have been pretty low key this cycle. I just don't feel like talking about it with anyone. I started off very confident and after two failed cycles and being benched for one, I'm just being more low key. Not sure how to explain it. So, we'll see how it goes. I inseminate tomorrow morning and then I'll be in the tww. We changed some things up this cycle and so far so good. I'm hoping third times the charm.

The weather in Houston has been horrible. We received 10 inches of rain over the last two days and there has been street flooding. It hasn't made it fun to travel to the med center for doctor's appts. Yuck. Mr. Big has had long commutes that normally are short. He is not one for sitting in traffic. I can feel the tension over the phone when I chat with him in traffic. We're supposed to get a cool front sometime tonight and tomorrow it should be in the 60's. I'm looking forward to that!

Housework calls! More later~

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