Thursday, December 21, 2006

Countdown to Christmas

Less than a week and Christmas will have come and gone. I've got everything ready for the Big Fat man to make his appearance. Jacob is so stoked this year. He has been very good and Santa will leave him lots of goodies. Or, that is what he says/thinks. He is right. Santa will. Mommy will make sure of it.

Joshua is a bundle of energy these days. He's into everything in my house. I have had to put some breakables away recently and put things up high that normally would reside on side tables. It is amazing how quickly you forget and become accustomed to not having those wandering hands. He is climbing and scaling furniture now too, which makes putting things away more difficult. He's fascinated with our toilet and just how fun it is to put things into it. We've replaced many items that were costly as of late. He's just too cute even as mishchievious as he's been lately. He will crack me a smile and I will melt into putty on the floor. He is very much a Mommy's boy. He adores me. I can't say I mind much because Jacob has always been a Daddy's boy. I love this turn around. We have our special times during the day. He is still very much a "baby", but he's also growing up and doing things more independently.

Jacob is fully potty trained. He's starting to write his name and can actually read some words. He's into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles right now. My Mom picked up a DVD for him and he watches that when he's not watching the movie Cars. Remember me writing about his infatuation with Toy Story, well that was short lived once he received the movie Cars. He's a fanatic. There is no other way to describe the passion he feels for McQueen. He has tons of the toys and is getting so things from Santa. He has clothes-shirts, undies, pjs. He has the bedding. It's insane. He's fun loving and happy all the time. He is really a kicked back kind of guy. I'm grateful for my boys. I love them each so much.

We're having a debate right now in our household. Joshua is sporting the non-cut-baby do right now. I don't want to cut it. Mr. Big does. He has the sweetest curls and it hasn't reached mullet status yet. I'm just not ready to cut his hair. I'm psyching myself up for it. Just not there yet.

Well, I hope you have a good Christmas. I have been really bad about blogging this year. I'm sporatic. I'll try to do better in 2007.

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