Thursday, December 28, 2006

Moving into 2007...

I sit at my computer and read the news online every night. I remember when there was a time you had to read the newspaper to get the news. Times have changed my friends. I am *only* 30 years old, but I feel old nowadays when I talk to a teenager or early 20 somethings person. I have grown into myself and learned alot over the years.

Myspace is a huge domain. I had no clue just how big it was until I joined it this year. I have 60 some odd "friends" and get new requests everyday. It has become a way for me to rekindle high school friendships and also meet other Moms that stay at home with their children instead of working out of the home. Myspace is also a place that makes me feel old. I read some of the profiles and gasp. I listen to some of the music on young girls' pages and I gasp. Life is just so fast paced! I had no idea that a young girl at the age of 12 would know what a blow job is. Let me tell you, some do! It amazes me. I have two young neices and both have pages. I check them from time to time and make sure that they are in line. They know I check because they quickly found me on myspage and requested to be my "friend". It cracked me up because I'm so new to all of that and they are so quick with all of it.

The New Year is fast approaching. I don't normally make resolutions. I do, however, make goals for myself. A wish list of things I'd like to accomplish over the year. I have many things on my list this year. I don't share my list with anyone. I try to keep my ideas and goals to myself. That way if they don't come true I can carry them into the next year. I will say that this year I have accomplished most of my goals for 2006. The only one I have yet to accomplish is to add another child to our family. I don't mind just pushing that one into 2007. It will be worth the effort and wait.

Times have changed and I look to the future with great enthusiasm of the years to come! I might be getting old, but I still have my humor and my wit about me.

Happy 2007!

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