Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Cold Weather has found me... finally!

Mid January and it's finally cold here in Houston. We have been in the mid 30's today and have had warnings of ice on the roads tonight. I love the cold weather. I enjoy wearing jeans, sweaters, boots and jackets. The heater feels great when it's really cold out. We even contemplated starting a fire in our fireplace, but decided against it as we watched our two boys bounce off of one another as they rolled on the floor in front of said fireplace. Maybe another year.

The boys are wearing their fleece pajamas tonight. I'm dressed in warm PJs myself sipping a cup of green tea with honey. I plan on snuggling up in bed next to my warm husband and enjoying a book before bed. I'm already yawning!

Here's to the cold! Cheers.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to laugh at your cold weather, but I would love to hit 30 degrees. The high has been 20 and the low, well we won't go there.

Enjoy snuggling!