Tuesday, April 17, 2007

10 Idols/Heroes When You Were a Kid

1. The Nelson Brothers-Sons of Ricky Nelson an icon when my Mom was growing up. They had long blonde hair and were very HOT! I'm not sure if I really liked their music much, but I did like staring at them and hanging their posters all over the walls in my bedroom.

2. Dweezil Zappa-Son of Frank Zappa. He had busy eye brows, but those brown, dark eyes are what got me. He had the best curly dark hair. He was just good looking. I'm not even sure if I liked his music either. I had one lone poster of him on my bedroom wall.

3. Laura Ingolls-She was the most awesome girl. I wanted to live with her on the farm and stare at her father, Charles, all day long. He was HOT too! Back to Laura...she had a great sense of humor and would always wind up in the worst predicaments. I just really envied her lifestyle.

4. My Grandfather-He was brought over on a boat from Switzerland at the age of 2. His father died of typhoid fever during the travel from Switzerland to the US on the boat. He was raised by his mother who owned and ran a hair salon in New York. He went to Rutgers University where he flourished in sports and his studies. He dappled in all sorts of business ventures, but settled on the mini-blind company where he created Bali Blinds in Houston, Texas and later sold this company. He was a smart man, a self made millionaire and someone I will always look up to.

5. Alyssa Milano-I thought she was so pretty and such a talented actress. I loved her father, Tony. I must have a thing for Italian men. Anyway-I thought the show she starred in was so cool.

6. Punky Brewster-Loved her. She had the best life and I wanted to be like her.

7. Mr. Rogers-I especially liked it when he would leave his house. He was such an icon in my day and age. I loved the Land of Make Believe. He kept my attention. He was not HOT, just entertaining.

8. George Strait-He has the best country voice and songs ever. Being from Texas he really made a lasting impression on me when I went through my "kicker" phase in high school. Rocky Mountain Jeans and Roper boots...those were the days!

9. Tiffany-I knew every song on every album she ever made. I still do. I mean, who doesn't know Johnny's got the inside moves?

10. Debbie Gibson-She was sooooo pretty! I wanted to look like her. I wasn't as big a fan of her as I was of Tiffany, but she came in a close second place.

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Jolene said...

It's so much fun to read and do these. It's obvious that most of us grew up during the same time period. What a blast from the past. I forgot about Punky Brewster. Your grandfather was something, wasn't he? Wow, what a life!