Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Go Lucky!

I'm feeling so happy go lucky lately. Life seems good at the moment. We might not have a lot of money, live in a mansion, drive expensive cars, but our home is full of laughter, smiles and good health. What more could you honestly want out of life?

I grew up in a middle class family. We didn't have much. I never expected to marry rich. I have never had big goals for myself, besides being a mother to my children. I have everything I want out of life all under one small roof.

My husband is divine. He treats me as a best friend, yet we are closer than best friends. He knows me, he gets me and he loves me unconditionally. I feel the same for him! My kids, where to start with them? They are delicious! They were both wanted by us very much. We prayed and prayed for their sweet souls to join our family and they did. I think God selected them special for us. They are angels dropped from heaven. I adore them both.

You might be thinking to yourself...why is she telling me this?

I am telling you this because life is short. If you go through life not thanking God and being grateful for what you have you might regret it one day. Enjoy what little you do have and treasure those things whether it be a kiss on the cheek in the morning or a fall on the sidewalk where you have to kiss a boo-boo away. Those are the moments that you will remember! You won't remember the mortgage on your 4,000 square foot house or the loan payment on your 2007 Mercedes Benz.

If you still aren't feeling me or this entry... read this blog and you will.

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andria said...

Thanks for the reminder...that was a nice post.

I have read her blog as well and it is just so, so sad...puts a lot into perspective. I don't think I could be so strong in the same situation.