Monday, July 23, 2007

Joshua earns his first $1

We were out on Saturday shopping at some stores. I went to try on a dress while Mr. Big took the boys to browse the store. When I was done trying on the dress I came up on Mr. Big surrounded by a group of women. They were surrounding Joshua in the cart who was sporting a pair of cheap zebra glasses. He was smiling from ear to ear and just flirting with all his might. The women were putty. Putty isn't even the word--Mush, loads of it. They were giggling like school girls and stroking his head. They couldn't keep their eyes off of him or their hands to themselves. After all the compliments, laughter and amusement wore off one of them dug in her purse and pulled out a dollar. She said "Please, buy those for him, He's too cute". They all waved and yelled "Bye-Bye, Joshua". The love in their eyes was priceless. I felt so proud of him. I think my chest must have stuck out an extra 10 inches as I walked to the counter and bought him the sunglasses. We left the store and I put the dollar that the lady gave me in my purse. I came home and put the dollar in Joshua's memory box with a small explanation on how he earned his first dollar. Already a ladies man... what will I do when he's in high school?

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Tiburon said...

I KNEW he was a ladies man!! WTG Josh!