Monday, August 06, 2007

The Hunter's Extravaganza

The Hunter's Extravaganza took place this weekend at the Reliant Center here in Houston. We go annually and take the boys. I have pictures of the boys in their camo dressed for the event since Jacob and Joshua were newborns. This year was especially fun with Jacob because he's starting to figure the whole hunting thing out. He was so excited to get there and see all the booths.

We bought our tickets and had to wait another 20 minutes until the exhibition hall opened. I saw a sign for a Starbucks in front of Hall D so Jacob and I walked down to get a cup of Joe for Mommy. Mr. Big stood in line with Joshua in his stroller. As we were walking down there Jacob was talking all about the things we would see this year.

When we got to Starbucks I ordered my coffee and we stood there waiting. Some guy friends of Mr. Bigs noticed Jacob and yelled his name out. Mr. Jeff is one of Jacob's favorite friends of Mr. Bigs. They gave each other hugs and we chatted for a second. They went down to buy their tickets while we waited for the coffee.

I was given my coffee and the lady behind the counter thought Jacob was so cute she made him his own small de-caf coffee. I couldn't believe how kind and sweet that was. I just went on and on to her about how nice that was, which it was and it totally touched me. Jacob ate it up. We walked back down to see Daddy and Joshua in line all the while we were holding hands and sipping on our coffees together.

The Hunting Show was just about the same as every other year. There are booths from wall to wall with hunting trips, camouflage, art work, paintings, hunting equipment/gear, hunting trucks, four wheelers, buggies, log cabins, containers, freezers... you name it and it's there for hunting. The snake guy was there with his rattle snake exhibit. He comes every year and the kids just love that. I, as a snake hater, just snap pictures from a safe distance. I'm not all about the snakes. This year there was an added exhibit with a Grizzly Bear trainer and his bear. The Bear was a huge attractant for the kids. He was an interesting person with posters of himself in movies training his bears. He had worked with some of the best actors in Hollywood with his Bears. It truly was amazing. He had a bear with him in a cage that was chewing on a dog rawhide bone. You should have see him shred that thing with ease. The boys were enthralled in everything at the show.

As we were heading out Jacob starting tearing up and getting upset. He looked up at Mr. Big and I said that he didn't want to go home... he wanted to stay at the Hunting Show all day. We both smiled, but after a couple hours we were ready for lunch and it was time to get Joshua down for his nap. I'm glad he likes the same things Mr. Big and I enjoy. He will be a great hunting partner this year. We have both promised him that we'll take him in the stand this year. He is very excited about that and November will not be here quick enough!

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Tiburon said...

Sounds like the "Mother Ship" calling Mr Big home! And even better than he will have a hnting partner!