Thursday, August 09, 2007

I miss him.

I have one little boy at home with me today. The biggest little boy is at his Grandparents for two days spending some time with his cousin. They are probably having the best time right now while I'm at home missing him tremendously. I woke up this morning and I didn't have my snuggle buddy in bed with me. Every morning at around 7 am he crawls into bed with us and we just snuggle together. I love to nestle my nose into his hair and smell him. I probably sound like a freaky Mommy stalker, but I won't lie... I am. That is just how I start my day. The love and warmth I feel as we are snuggling together makes my morning. It's how I start my day.

This morning was different because I was able to get up and take a shower with no questions asked. I started my period this morning and I didn't have him questioning me on what a maxi pad is and why I'm attaching it to my underwear. He's so nosey! That was kind of nice. Seriously, it was. I dread womanly duties in the bathroom because of my mini audience. Damn those early 90's swinging doors installed in our master bathroom toilet area.

I walked into the kitchen and put away yesterdays dishes into the cupboard. I made a cup of ice water and meandered my way into the computer room. Joshy still sleeping soundly in his crib. I could hear nothing but the dog's collar as she followed me from room to room. I just don't know what I did before two kids. Life sure is quiet when a. one is sleeping the morning away and 2. the noiser one and more talkative one of the bunch is absent from my day.

I am going to make the best of these two days and try to make it special for Joshua. I know that he sometimes gets the short end of the stick being the second child so I'm going to take him to do something fun. We'll find something to get into, the two of us.

I miss him though and I hope he's having a good time, but I really miss him. I can't lie.


rachd said...

Aimee, please, take the banner and add it!

I was a stalker mommy to Han, sniffing and smelling and even at the age of five, exploring her little body searching out changes like a new mole here or there. And, I do it to Lily too. ;oP

I understand your missing. It's the absence of sound that really clues me in to Han being gone. The comfort of having her here and being able to hear her puttering around.

What a wonderful post!

Hugs! Love ya!

Jess T said...

I'm getting ready to leave Syd for a week. This is the first time we've been away from her more than one night. I'm pretty nervous about it.

I hope the day goes well. :)

Jenine said...

That was sweet!!! I will say though the part about the maxi pad was funny! I laughed! :)