Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm really boring...

1. I have four days to lose a few lbs. Mr. Big's Ball is on Friday night and I plan on looking gooooood! I started diuretics today and will do the Hollywood 48 hour diet starting tomorrow. I just want to lose some of the water and bloating fatness before Friday. Hopefully my little plan will work. My dress fits pretty snuggly and I want it to be perfect so a crash dieting I will go...

2. Bought a Bissel steam cleaner yesterday at Target on clearance. Regular price was $189 and I got it for $100. I was so proud of my purchase. I've been waiting for a good deal and our carpets were screaming out for a cleaning. I came home, put the carpet steamer together and got to work. My carpets look GREAT! I wish you could see them.

3. Emptied two boxes in our office today. Let's just say that our office has been in boxes since March 2006. We have done absolutely nothing to unpack and get it organized. I'm sick of it looking this way and figure that with Mr. Big's work schedule and him never being home...someone has to start tackling it. I have a box for Salvation Army and I'm sure more to come.

4. I'm getting geared up to paint the boy's bathroom. A friend of mine is bored and keeps hounding me to come over and help me paint some rooms in the house. I figure it's free labor. All I have to do is buy the paint. What the heck?

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