Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Playdate Tuesday

We had a playdate this morning on the North side of Houston with some friends. I woke up early to get the boys dressed, fed and ready for the hour drive. It was nice to get out of the house and play with friends. The boys love their friends and we haven't seen them in a few weeks. Of course, the Mommys sit and gabber about life, gossip and rumors. It's just part of being in the thicket of SAHMs. 10-2 goes by quickly and before I knew it we were back at home with children down for naps and me with free time once again.


Tiburon said...

Any chance you will make the drive to SLC for a playdate? I will feed you... ;)

Sounds like fun!

Jess T said...

Sounds like a great day!

Sara said...

Ren't playgroups great? I'm just about to head out to my weekly Wednesday playgroup.