Monday, August 20, 2007

The Ball

This coming Friday is the Neighborhood Center Ball where Mr. Big is running for King. He has been fundraising since January and has had several events going on the past few months. He has also gathered silent and live auction items from surrounding businesses for the night of the ball. Although his efforts have been great, I don't think he will actually win because of the other two candidates he's running against. I mean, you never know, but I highly doubt he's going to win against the newspaper owner and the city's top attorney. It's all for charity and the neighborhood center is a great cause.

The best part of everything has been the anticipation of the ball. City officials and members of the Chamber have told us that the Ball is one of our city's biggest events of the year. I went and bought a gown and am having my hair and make up done on Friday afternoon. I'm really excited! I've lost a few lbs over the past few months on my low cholesterol diet and I feel good about myself these days. I look forward to a Cinderella moment since getting dolled up these days is few and far between. I won't lie, I also love the way Mr. Big drools over me when I'm all beautiful (in his eyes). He has always been the best complimenter. I love that about him.

Wish you all could be there... it's going to be fun!

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JustJamie said...

I want to see pictures!!