Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rest in Peace Normal.

Our new hamster, Normal, passed away this morning. I didn't write much about him because from the moment we stuck him into his cage he did nothing but sleep. Joshua walked past his caged every day for a week and said "nigh, nigh, hamster" because we never saw him. He didn't touch his food or water the whole week he was here with us. He just slept. Mr. Big and I took him out on several occasions to handle him and make sure he was alive. He seemed fine, but maybe a smidge depressed? We were really clueless.

I had to take him into the pet store today to get a refund (14 day guarantee) and it was sad to carry him in with his little body in a box. The store manager was sincerely upset for the boys and got someone over to help us pick out another hamster. This time we bought two chinese dwarf hamsters. They already seem much healthier and a lot more lively then Normal was. Jacob once again named one Normal and one Jack. We told him they were both girls, but he still wanted to name them those names.

They are currently running on the wheel side by side, something the old Normal never did. I am hopeful that Normal just had something wrong with him and we aren't cursed. I don't want to have to fib and say we are taking another hamster to the hamster hospital for repairs.

I'll take a picture of Normal and Jack sometime so you can see our newest additions.


andria said...

So sad for Jacob. I am glad the new ones are doing well.

Tiburon said...

How sad!!

I am glad you got some replacements though - hopefully they are healthier :)