Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fat Feet

Mr. Josh has fat feet. We have never been able to buy him just any shoes like we did with Jacob. We figured out early on that Stride Rite carries shows in Extra Wide (XW). While the Stride Rite XWs fit, you can only buy the shoes with laces because the velcro straps don't go all the way over his fat foot. It's quite frustrating actually to shoe shop for him. I love to buy cute shoes for the boys that are universal and will match multiple outfits.

I usually get the boys a pair of sandals, a pair of athletic shoes and a pair of nicer shoes that can be worn for dressier occasions like church. This has proved harder with Joshua because of the fact that we have to hunt down specific shoes that will fit those feet of his. This year we lucked out and found a pair of wide sandals at Walmart that fit him. He's worn those all summer and they have held up nicely. I also found a pair of Thomas the Train athletic shoes at Walmart in a wide size that fit him and they even sport the velcro straps. He was thrilled to have shoes with a character and they even light up! Score! Then I figured out that if you hit the Stride Rite outlet and Ebay for discounted Stride Rites that helps save you tons of money. I just bought two pairs of dressier Stride Rites from Ebay. They are hardly worn and fit him perfectly. Basically two pairs for the price of one in the actual store. I've learned that I can find cute shoes in wide sizes and that the hunt has proved challenging, yet fun.

I keep thinking he will grow into his fat feet and they will thin out. He has really thinned out in his body and his pants have been fitting loosely lately. I guess the feet are stubborn and want to hang onto that baby fat. Time will tell, I guess. In the mean time, I'll enjoy this challenge of keeping my son in cute shoes that fit his chubby feet. Ah, the Life of a Mom sometimes...

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MissIda said...

we have a fat feet guy here too Richie's feet are a pain to find shoes for. I have found that skater shoes like etnies have lots of room. They look nice hold up very well and don't cost an arm and a leg. Also try DVS brand another good one. I was so excited to finally get him a pair of vans that actually fit no XW needed they are already pretty wide on their own. GL