Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bass Pro Shops

Recently a Bass Pro Shops was built out in our local vicinity. We had one out in Katy, but it took us about an hour to drive over there. We'd go quite a bit, but I foresee many more trips with one located about 10 minutes driving distance from our home.

Today we spent three and a half hours with the kids in Bass Pro. We ate at the restaraunt and we browsed the store. There is a huge fish tank, waterfall, elevator, tons of taxidermied animals, and much, much more! The boys and their father were in heaven. I enjoy shopping and browsing, but this is our second visit in one month. I did find a honey hole in the store...their fudge shop! Yes, my friends, home made fudge made right there in the store in a variety of wonderful flavors. I'm sure each piece has 2000 calories, but that's okay because it keeps me entertained as I walk around enjoying slivers here and there. I suggest the Heath Bar Fudge if you get a chance.

Fat and Happy is what I am today. I'm fat from the fudge and happy that my boys had a good time!

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andria said...

Where is the new BPS?

We love that place!