Sunday, November 25, 2007

Caution: Dead Animal Pic

Here I am with my Kill. Momma brought home some meat. This is a cull buck that hasn't produced adequate horns. We don't want him breeding the does so we decided to take him this week. He's not the best to look at, but for me this is a huge deal because this is my first buck with more than two points. He's technically a three pointer because of the fork on the one side.
My vegan buddies must be flipping their screens off right now.
ETA: Since you asked...Mr. Big did not get a deer. He however did get a small Bobcat. See my Flickr pics for more dead animal pics.


Jolene said...

My husband's a hunting addict, so I can give you a wholehearted congrats on bagging your buck. I don't hunt myself, but I get it. Gotta fill the freezer.

Did your husband get one too?

Hannah's Mom said...

Congrats on your deer!! Just read your profile... from one 30 something mother of one (that was a long ordeal and God has graced us with one wonderful Miss Hannah) I encourage you to follow your dream of going back to school. I waited for Miss Hannah to enter kindergarten and went back myself. I too am going to school to become a teacher. Loved your blog!
Thank you for sharing,

Dani said...

You look cute in your hunting gear though :)

Tiburon said...

You are so hot in your camo. Smokin. Congrats on the buck!