Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mother's Day Out...

Mother's Day Out has got to be the best thing ever! Jacob loves going to school on Thursdays and he comes home having learned so much. He is also developing socially which I always worried about staying home with him and not going out all that much. He is shy, but he does come out of his shell some when around other kids, especially boys. He loves to rough house and play chase. His best friend at school is named Jackson. He loves seeing Jackson every week and I love hearing the stories when he gets home. He tells me about the girls and what everyone eats for lunch. He's so cute because he's totally not into girls yet and tells me that the boys don't play with them. I laugh because there's going to come a day when he will think of nothing but girls. I'm really enjoying this age with Jacob. He's so helpful and sweet. He has a balance between being independent and still needing me. He loves to snuggle together at night in our bed before he goes to his bed. We sit and relive our day together. It's one of my favorite things to do and I look forward to it every night.

So, If you can afford to send your child to some sort of preschool program during the week for one day or even more, I'd highly recommend it. Jacob loves it!

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Jess said...

Ella has been going to a preschool at a local daycare (with Jen's Ryan!) two mornings a week for the last several months. We decided to send her for two reasons. First, she gets very little social interaction with kids her age here because we just don't know that many people yet. Second, I figured it would be good to have her used to being in care prior to the baby coming so if I need her to go (Bob works ALL the time and just started his MBA) that she would be used to it already. I don't even care if she learns anything, I just want her to have fun with other little kids.

I know a lot of moms manage wonderfully with moms groups and have tons of kids and still keep their household together but I am not one of them. Ella loves it, I love having a small break a couple mornings a week, so all are happy here!