Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Big Kid

In the blink of an eye my first baby is 4.5 years old. He is the spitting image visually of myself as a child, but the spitting image of his father in the way he thinks and processes life. He is very gentle and very sweet. You have to approach him with care and yes, he does get his feelings hurt easily. He's the first to offer you a hug and kiss in the morning and the first to give you one before you go to bed at night. He's always been "easy" from the time he came home from the hospital sleeping long stretches at night up until today. Everytime I look at him playing I just smile because to me he was my first miracle and always will be.

Jacob is in Mother's Day Out at our church one day a week (Thursdsays). He really loves it! He brings home all kinds of really cool art work and projects. He's made friends and has stories when he comes home to share. He looks forward to Thursdays every week. We put him in to get him ready for his journey to Kindegarten this year. He will attend public school close to our house starting in August. I am apprehensive about sending him to school at all, much less with teachers and students that I do not know. The letting go part for me is terrifying! He on the other hand is extremely excited about starting the "five school" as he calls it. When we drive by his school he points it out and says how nice it looks from the outside. He's very curious and inquisitive about it all. I hope he really enjoys school more than I did as a child. I was terribly shy and really missed my Mom when I went to Kindegarten. I think he has a little more of Mr. Big in him personality wise so he will be more social and out-going, hopefully.

Jacob is so big to me when I look at him compared to his baby and toddler pictures. He has put on weight and has beefed up. He weighs over 60 lbs and wears a size 7 top and size 6 pants. He loves to read books and explore the outdoors. He loves to watch movies on DVD and has quite a collection. He really loves his little brother and enjoys playing with him now. They can sit together for hours playing with trains or cars. Jacob is very patient with him, which is sweet to watch. He's just a really good kid and although I would like to take all the credit, I honestly just think he was born with a sweet, good soul. He's always been a good boy and even though some parenting has come into play from time to time, for the most part he's just a delight to be around and to call my son.


Lisa said...

Such a sweet post! He's lucky to have you for a mom!

Sassy said...

That's so sweet! It's such a great time in his life. So many exciting things as he moves out in the big wide world.

Dani said...

It sounds like you have two wonderful sons! You all are super lucky to have one another!!