Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Why, Mommy, Why?"

Joshua is now into the "Why, Mommy, Why?" phase. I remember this phase with Jacob. Although I think the word "why" never gets outgrown, it is worse when it is first discovered. Joshua will ask for fruit snacks 5 minutes into dinner and I will say "No, Josh, we're having dinner right now" and he'll ask "Why, Mommy, Why?". I then answer him with a typical Mommy answer. He'll return my answer with "Why, Mommy, Why?" again as if he never heard my answer the first time. I tend to ignore the second time and just go about my business.

This phase just reminds me that Joshua will be THREE in July. Time flies! He's really blossoming into a little boy now and leaving the toddler days behind him. He's maturing quicker than Jacob did and I think it's because he has Jacob to look up to. It's amazing how one day they are so tiny and in the blink of an eye they are little people like you or I.

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Chris said...

Ugh! Jadyn is into the "Doing Mommy?" thing. I answer her and 3 seconds later she askes again and 3 seconds later and 3 more seconds.... the whole time I am still doing the same thing.... Drives me insane!! Or she asks over and over where somebody is.... Eventually I tell her they ran away and she comes back and says "No...and tells me where they are". Oof!! Please dont let us start with WHY next...lol