Sunday, March 30, 2008

More than you wanted to ever know about me... and more!

60 Things You Possibly Didn't Know About Me

1. What is in the back seat of your car right now? Car Seats
2. When was the last time you threw up? It's been so long I don't remember.
3. What's your favorite curse word? Crap! Is that a cuss word? Hard cord c.w. would be Shit.
4. Name 3 people who made you smile today? Jacob, Joshua and Myself.
5. What were you doing at 8 am this morning? Talking to Jacob while laying in my bed together.
6. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Folding laundry.
7. What will you be doing 3 hours from now? Starting Dinner.
8. Have you ever been to a strip club?Yes and that won't ever happen again.
9. What is the last thing you said aloud? I love you.
10. What is the best ice cream flavor? Mint Chocolate Chip
11. What was the last thing you had to drink? Ice Water
12. What are you wearing right now? Khaki Capris, Navy Tee and New Balance Tennis Shoes.
13. What was the last thing you ate? Whopper and Onion Rings from Burger King.
14. Have you bought any new clothing items this week? Yes, a maternity Tee from JC Penney.
15. When was the last time you ran? Every day, chasing the boys.
16. What's the last sporting event you watched? Rockets Basketball game.
17. I feel like something is missing here...
18. Who is the last person you emailed? A friend of mine about her son's b-day party.
19. Ever go camping?Yes, not a huge fan, but will go if prompted.
20. Do you have a tan? No, not yet.
21. Did someone think I wouldn't notice that 21, 22, and 23 are missing from this quiz?
24. Do you drink your soda from a straw? Yes.
25. What did your last IM say? Shaunee was going to take a shower.
26. Are you someones best friend? Yes. I have many.
27. What are you doing tomorrow? Housework, probably, and Grocery Shopping.
28. Where is your mom right now? At her house.
29. Look to your left, what do you see? A wall.
30. What color is your watch? Silver with a Black Band.
31. What do you think of when you think of Australia ? Kangeroos and the Outback.
32. Would you consider plastic surgery? Yes, I hope to have a boob job and tummy tuck.
33. What is your birthstone? Amethyst
34. Do you go in at a fast food place or just hit the drive thru? Both, it just depends on my mood.
35.How many kids do you want? 3
36. Do you have a dog? Yes-She's the only other female in this house.
37. Last person you talked to on the phone? My Husband
38. Have you met anyone famous? No, I have not.
39. Any plans today? Just relaxing and kicking back.
40. How many states have you lived in? Just Texas.
41. Ever go to college? Yes, but not finished.
42. Where are you right now? Office/Playroom.
43. Biggest annoyance in your life right now? Nothing, I can honestly say nothing.
44. Last song listened to? I will Survive on the oldies channel.
45. Seriously? Who wrote this quiz?! No 45 either?
46. Are you allergic to anything? Nope.
47. Favorite pair of shoes you wear all the time? NB Tennis Shoes
48. Are you jealous of anyone? Not at all.
49. Does not exist. Nothing to see here.
50. Is anyone jealous of you?Not that I know of...
51. What time is it? 1:32 pm
52. Do any of your friends have children? Yes.
53. Do you eat healthy? Sometimes.
54. What do you usually do during the day? Tend to my kids.
55. Do you hate anyone right now? No, that's not productive.
56. Do you use the word 'hello' daily? Yes.
57. 57 Is curiously lacking from this quiz...
58. How old will you be turning on your next birthday? 33.
59. Have you ever been to Six Flags?Yes, Houston before it shut down.
60. How did you get one of your scars? My most prominent is my cesarean scar from the boys.

Give Me 5 Tag

Five Things on My To Do List:
1. Laundry
2. Housework
3. Pay bills
4. Grocery Shopping
5. Plan a Garage Sale

Five Places I have visited:
1. Maui, Hawaii
2. Kauai, Hawaii
3. Poconos
4. Orlando, Florida
5. Cozumel Mexico

Five Jobs I Have Had:
1. Professional Dog Handler
2. Dog Groomer
3. Dental Assistant
4. Mortgage Loan Officer
5. Executive Assistant to the CFO of a pubically traded company.

Five favorite snacks:
1. Nachos
2. Oranges
3. Poptarts with Orange juice (pregnancy craving)
4. Salt and Vinegar chips
5. Warm Chocolate chip cookies

Five Things I Would Do if I Were a Millionaire:
1. Pay off all or any debt
2. Travel around the world with my family
3. Build a large home on a nice piece of property
4. Take care of our families
5. Buy myself something like a Mercedes, just because I can.


Jess T said...

Wow! No puking, even while your pregnant. I'm jealous! :)

Tiburon said...

I feel like I know everything about you now. I can't get over the no puking whilst preggo thing either. I was going to comment on that even before I saww that Jess had!