Thursday, April 17, 2008

20 Things that make me Happy

Tib didn't ask me, but I'm telling her since she quasi asked indirectly as I was stalking her in her blog post, here goes, my love.

20 Things that make me Happy in no particular order...

1. My Kids-Hilarious little guys, love them!
2. My Husband-Most days....just kidding, every day!
3. Clean Sheets
4. A warm bubble bath at the end of the day
5. A good book late at night
6. Back Rubs
7. Sex (We're cut off until delivery of this baby-Can you believe that crap?)
8. Sunbathing
9. Pedicures
10. Frozen Margaritas and Mexican Food
11. Girlfriends
12. Dancing
13. Music
14. Movies
15. Cool Spring days when I can open my windows and let some fresh air in the house
16. Pregnancy
17. Kisses
18. Hugs
19. Holding Hands
20. Letters (in the mail) from friends and family

Now tell me... give me 20 things that make YOU happy! And, Go!


Mindi said...

you could be my new favorite blogger now that you said "sex"--awesome!!! just what do those doctors think they know, anyway? oh well, good luck with that, sister!

Tiburon said...

Thank you my sweet. I now have a shopping list of happiness for you :)

Diane said...

mmm...frozen margaritas and mexican food!