Saturday, April 19, 2008

About last night

Dinner was superb! We had a lovely time talking adult and enjoyed the lovely food immensely.

The movie situation on the other hand...
We opted to rent two movies from Hollywood because it was 9pm and the movie theater was on the other end of town from the restaraunt. We came home got in our PJs and laid on the sofa watching the movies. Our choses? I am Legend and No Country for Old Men.

I am Legend was okay. I found the Dark Seekers absolutely disgusting and I jumped everytime one of those stupid mo-fos would jump out from somewhere. I thought Will Smith was the bomb because I love him, but the movie wasn't anything like I thought it was going to be. I was disappointed in the storyline, honestly.

No Country for Old Men-Dude, I fell asleep! That movie sucked! I don't know what the Academy Award nomination committee was smoking when they watched that movie! Crikey! I was totally wishing we would have rented Juno instead.

So, that was our movie night. We are pretty rusty on movie selections and it's obvious. Definately need to try that again because I think we both want to prove we can pick out a kick ass movie even after we've had some kids.

Oh and Did I mention dinner was divine? It was!

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Hope Floats said...

It seems if a movie is nominated, its a good reason not to watch it. They are horrid! :)