Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bunk Bed Hunting

We are on an adventure to find bunk beds for Jacob's room which will soon become the boy's combined room together. I just haven't found anything I like yet. We found a set used on Ebay, but the lady decided to take them off and not sell them. I was bummed. So, it's back to the hunt. I am contemplating going today to shop the stores, but it IS Mr. Big's birthday and well, who wants to shop for bunk beds on their special day? LOL!

Jacob is very excited about bunk beds and also about sharing his room with Joshua. They really get along great and I'm glad because I want them to be close growing up as brothers together. Joshua will remain in his room until the baby comes because he's perfectly content in his crib now. I don't want to change anything until he's ready or climbing out of the crib. We'll see how it goes. We have a while to figure it out.

Do your kids use bunkbeds and if so, what style do you have? Does it work for your family?


andria said...

We have two twin bunks. We got them at Star. They are very nice. Before that the boys were sleeping in a full bed together so now there is much more room in their bedroom to play.

Making the top bunk takes some sort of skill I do not have. Jacob does it himself most days, but it's very hard to do.

That's my only real complaint about the bunk bed.

Star has a nice selection and Bassett did too.

Mindi said...

hey--glad you stopped by! i just saw though, that your blog's reading level is post grad college, so i don't know if i can roll with you as i am down on the elementary level...
neat blog. will be chekin you out!

Jennifer said...

Hi Amimee- I have two boys the same age as yours and we recently moved them into the same room with bunk beds. It has worked out really well, but a word of warning: they are a total pain to make, especially the top one! (Not so much on a day to day basis, but after you wash the bedding and have to put it all back together.) I would still do bunk beds again, especially so they can have more space to play in their room. Just be prepared to make a bed while being on it- it's no easy feat : )

Diane said...

Hey chickie...we have bunkbeds for the girls, they are the loft type, one facing one way, and one jutting out the other way underneath (of course). there is a desk on one side and shelving on the other with drawers on the front side. I find it very functional, and we love it. we actually got it on ebay and painted it girly. look for 'loft bunkbeds' to get an idea, I think you would like them and if you want a pic let me know and I will send you one of the girls.