Monday, April 07, 2008

Kindegarten Registration

I went and did the dreadful task of registering Jacob for Kindegarten this year. He will start in August. It really was emotional for me to walk into the school today and register him. I did have a peace within myself though because of the fact that he is so excited about starting "the five school". He really is eager to meet new friends and learn new things. We live less than a mile from the school and when we pass it going to the store he will talk all about when he goes to school in August. I know he's excited and that really motivates me to let go a little for him.

I filled out about 10 pages of information and the school nurse checked his immunization records. Everything was in order and I met with the principal and registrar. They were both very nice and gave me a Kindgarten packet to look over when I got home. I went ahead and paid for the school supply bundle to be delivered to his classroom the first day. I figured it would save me the hassle of fighting the crowds with two kids and hugely pregnant. He will not be riding the bus so we went over who would be picking him up (ME). Jacob will have an orientation on August 14th where he'll tour the school, his classroom and meet his teacher for the first time. I've got about 4 months to get myself together and get ready to officially let go for atleast 5 days a week from 8-3 pm. Oh and I can come and have lunch with him during the week, which I will totally take advantage of until he tells me otherwise or I embarras him. Poor Jacob... he has no idea how neurotic his mother is....


andria said...

Oh, I know how hard that is!

I'm glad he's looking forward to it, though.

Ida said...

OMG he is starting kinder how exciting. Yes there will come a time when they tell you to leave it's a sad sad sad day.