Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Learning about the FLDS Group

Man, Where do I start? I've been watching the media coverage of this story and I'm totally having a hard time wrapping my head around this religious group. I watch because I find it captivating, foreign and very intriguing to me. I feel like I'm learning about something I never knew existed and I can't stop watching. It's amazing to me that there are groups that shut out the outside world and exist as they do. It's mind blowing to me and the last two days of Dr. Phil have enlightened me. I'm sure over the course of the next couple weeks and months I will learn much more as will the American public. My stance on this matter is personal and I won't get too deep into my feelings here, but I will say that I feel for the women and children. I can't imagine living their lives, but I also feel bad for judging because they all claim they are happy living such life.

What are your thoughts on the FLDS?


Sassy said...

I've just recently watched seasons 1 & 2 of Big Love so that's changed my view some what. Mainly I feel for them because I can't imagine how scary the outside world must be to them. But I also feel for the authorities who have to do what they can to protect the kids, but are facing some really tough calls when it comes from removing the children which is only going to fuel the fear already there.

Hope Floats said...

I can't believe I missed Dr. Phil. I always like to watch when he does commentaries!

liz smith said...

Since I live in Utah, the FLDS is not a foreign concept but we are all still a little in awe about the culture. The LDS church AKA Mormons have always been confused with the FLDS, so I will defend my friends and neighbors right now by saying they are not the same. As with any area that has a high population of a particular religion or race, there is some hatred, narrow mindedness, etc But so many people I know are good Mormons and good people.

There are also other polygamous groups in Utah that are not part of the Warren Jeffs clan. They are law abiding (well, except that polygamy is illegal) citizens who work and contribute to society. They are not abusing the welfare and CHIPS systems. They just chose to have families with more than one wife. (These polygamosts also don't have the underage marriage thing going on either.) I used to have a family clean my house. They did a good job, were very nice, I could trust them and really had no problems. It did creep me out that two of them were pregnant and due within days of each other by the same guy.

Now, the FLDS, I in no way agree with or condone this type of commune. I think its sad the so many children and uneducated women are involved. But I don't think that things were handled right and the judge is in over her head. The constitutional rights of these women have been abused and that is a problem. Many of us in Utah have been asked to consult on various issues since we have some background on the issue. There are some critical health components that were not considered when the children were so abruptly taken from their mothers. The fathers are another issue.

I wonder how these children are going to fare in such a foreign environment as mainstream American when they have been so sheltered their whole lives.

So that is probably more than you really wanted to know from your question. It just happens to be an issue that is affecting both our states at this time.

Have a good one!

Mindi said...

ohhhhhh, sister--now you've opened yourself up to the longest comment in history!!!
i consider myself a "mini-expert" in "piligs" (sorry, slang term since i was little) as colordao city, their main residence before texas, is about 30 minutes away. i grew up with them all around me, as they used to come to our town to shop and eat. once warren jeffs came into power, he shut that all down and we didn't see them much. the rampant incest and marrying of 12 year olds and strict obedience to males is sooooooo extrememly insane, you wouldn't believe your eyes. i have seen firsthand the abuse once in a costco and said something to the woman (really, child--she couldn't have been more than 14) and the husband just yanked her away. those women would say they were happy even if they were living in a van down by the river, turning tricks, because they say WHATEVER they are told. they are taught strict obedience to the males, who call all the shots, such as what they wear, how they raise those kids, etc.
i do feel bad that they families are torn apart, and babies from their mamas, but i look at it like this: those mothers are good mothers until one of the priesthood bretheren would ask them to do something with those children, like drop off the boys and abandon them in another city so there is no competition for the older men who need lots of wives to get to the highest degree of glory, or marry off their 12 year old. there are NOOOOOO questions asked, they just do it.
sorry for this mother of the longest posts, but i've been there, seen that!!!!

btw love your blog header

Ida said...

hmmm I really have no idea about it as well. I can't imagine not having the modern conviences that we have today. Very interesting the way they live their lives.

Jess T said...

Read 'Escape' and your mouth will hit the floor.

Safire said...

I feel sorry for the FLDS. Being LDS myself, I know their roots and I understand where their faith began. However, they have really perverted it and changed it from working together as man and wife (or wives) to a cult where the man is ruler over all. I do not agree that the government took their children and raided their temple and basically stomped over their beliefs and their right to freedom of religion and to worship how, where, and what they may. I don't agree with the rape of young girls, or the abandonment of the boys. I think they would have been better served by taking the men away from the compound and keeping the women and children together in their familiar environment. It is a sad situation all the way around.