Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Penis... On What??

Tib posted this on our Mommy board today. I honestly feel horrible for this child. I'm assuming this is a legitimate story, I dunno for sure.

Story Here


Teachermom said...

Hmmmm...interesting. Hard to say if this story is true or not (I'm so skeptical these days), but either way I have heard of babies being born with extra body parts growing out of them...presumably from some kind of twin gone wrong thing. I don't know, though...a second penis? But yeah, that's the kind of story you hope doesn't leak out when you're older!

Jen said...

I really doubt it. Looks like a meningocele, part of the spinal column didn't close and contents come outside of the body with a thin sac around it. We learned about this in RN school, usually it is lower but I'm thinking it could occur anywhere along the spinal column. Pretty sad someone would make up a story like that for it though.