Thursday, July 24, 2008

Circus here we come!

We are going to the Ringling Brother, Barnum and Bailey circus Bellabration tonight at the Reliant Stadium. The boys are super excited about it! I am curious to see how Joshua does with it. He is our wild child and I just envision him punching a clown or something worse. Jacob has already stated that he would like to see a clown with a red nose that "honks", a juggler and a clown on a unicycle. I hope that he gets to see all three!

It's been raining here due to Hurricane Dolly that made land fall yesterday more towards Corpus. We really needed the rain. The temps have been lower too which helps the A/C to not work as hard. I just hope that it lets up some by tonight so we can enjoy a nice night out and not have to worry about added traffic delays due to rain and such. I mean people do weird things when they are driving in the rain here in Houston. I swear it brings all the morons out!

I'll enjoy some junk food for you and I'm sure I'll spend way too much money on junk toys the boys absolutely don't need!


Lisa said...

I'm jealous! Have fun!

Jess T said...

Yay! That sounds like fun.

MamaMiaJacksElla said...

ooh!! have fun tonight!

i miss you self!! :)