Thursday, July 03, 2008

My very 1st Thankful Thursday...

1. I'm thankful for my boys, which includes my husband. Jacob is my sweet child and always comforts me because he's just that sweet. Joshua is my rambunctions, keep me on my toes child and I love him for that (most of the time). My boys are miracles and I never take them for granted one single moment of one single day. They are my everything. Mr. Big is my life. I just love everything about that guy. Nuff said.

2. I'm thankful for my pregnancy. We tried for over a year and a half with trials and tribulations (again) to conceive this little one. After fertility drugs and a Laparascopy we finally hit the jack pot! I was and still am over the moon. The best part? I'm having a daughter!!! That is just so mind blowing (and exciting!).

3. I'm thankful for my Honda Odyssey. I know, trivial and minute to you, but it's a piece of heaven on wheels to me. It gets me to where I need to go and it's just the ultimate Mommy-mobile. I love my van! The DVD player does add to the reason I would love to wrap my arms around it and hug it all day long.

4. Bubble baths at the end of a LONG day as Mommy. My jet tub is the only place I take my Mommy hat off and soak. I just lounge and read and enjoy my free time to veg. It is my salvation (besides church and God) where I can let all my worries fade into the jets as they pound my aching muscles and tension away. Is it 9 o'clock yet?

5. Air conditioning. Seriously! It's been one hot mother here in Texas and being a hormonal pregnant woman doesn't really mix with this heat. I am loving the air conditioner and the fans in my house this month! I praise the A/C Gods for A/C in the summer time.


Anissa said...

We love our Odyssey too. We used our wireless headphones for the first time this weekend when we drove to San Antonio. They were a GODSEND! The kids were quiet and we did not have to listen to Pee Wee's Playhouse.

Tiburon said...

Fantastic list! I am glad you played along :)