Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who's watching...

Big Brother- Are you watching this season? I am really digging Keesha this season. I wasn't digging her not putting up Libra this week, but I understand a woman's word. So, hopefully someone that wins HOH this week will put her up. So, are you watching?

So You Think You can Dance-Who's your fave? I really like them all, but my faves include Katee and Joshua. I like the others too as well though and I wouldn't cry if any of them won. My fave choreographer is definately Mia Michaels. That woman is "buck"!

Design Star-Did you vote? Who are you pulling for? I like them both. I think it will be close.

Last Comic Standing-Again, Who's your fave? Who's the funniest? I think Iliza is really funny and it's about time a woman wins. So, I'm rooting for the under dog and only female left standing. I was glad to see Papa CJ go. He really wasn't all that funny to me.

Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood-Tori has her baby on next week's show. I'm super excited as she's having a daughter and I'm having a daughter. I can't wait to see how it all pans out and how she reacts to her new baby girl. I also love watching her spend money on her new home and decorate so I can live vicariously through someone that CAN do those things. Isn't Liam a DOLL???

America's Got Talent-Love me some Pierce Morgan and Sharon Osbourne. I just watch the show to see what Pierce is going to say. I can't say I've seen anyone that has just blown me out of the water yet. I DVR it and watch it last in my line up so it's definately not my fave show. I prefer American Idol over this one, but atleast this is a filler until American Idol returns. And, I do think Pierce is handsome. It's just something about those Brits!

The Next Food Network Star-I wanted Lisa to win. I was rooting for the Texas girl. Her food looked so delicious to me. I would love to dine at her restaraunt and try some of her tasty food.

As you can see, I'm still addicted to reality TV. It's my "me" time after the kids go to bed. I should be reading my Meyers book, but I save that for AFTER my shows. Plus, I'm so tired lately that I'm lucky to get one show in and stay awake past 10 pm. Third trimester has brought back the sleep! Now if I could just convince my bladder to cooperate.


Pam said...

I love Tori and Dean! I am glad I am not the only one. I agree, I just want to squeeze Liam, he is absolutely adorable.


Colleen said...

For LCS, I love Jeff Dye, the guy with one name, and Iliza. I wish they didn't eliminate so quickly....I want to see more stand up! I think they could do away with all the audition episodes, or just do one. I agree, Papa CJ was not hilarious. I agreed with yesterday's eliminations.