Saturday, August 09, 2008

Baby Shower Today!!!!

Today we're having our baby shower for Sarah. We're having a couples shower hosted by two of our favorite couple friends. We are so blessed to have such dear friends that want to celebrate our little girl with us. They are going to have barbeque and all the fixings, a yummy cake and beer/margaritas to celebrate. Everything except the beer/margaritas sounds great to me! I'll just have an extra piece of cake instead of a sloshy margarita! This is the first time that Dad will get to experience a baby shower and I'm so glad about that. He's always been excited to look at the baby gifts when I get home. So, one more thing crossed off our list to get us one step closer to the birth of our little girl. Next stop-Jacob starts Kindegarten. Hold me!


Sara said...

Have fun at your shower!

Leslie said...

How fun!! I love the name Sarah. I must have missed the post where ou told what you were going to name her. What will her middle name be?