Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday before Jacob becomes a Big Kindergartener!

Jacob has three days until his first day of Kindegarten. His face lit up this morning when he asked me how many days and I said THREE! He held up three fingers and started at me in amazement. He's just so excited he can't contain himself. Mr. Big stayed home today so we could have a family day together. We're taking the boys to Incredible Pizza for some fun. They have go carts, bumper cars, mini-golf, games galore and of course, pizza. The boys are excited.

Joshua has been cutting his last set of molars and has been battling a fever with them. He's pulling at his mouth and just having a hard time. I feel so bad for him. This is the roughest set of teeth so far for him. He has always run a mild fever like this, but never really tugged or put his hands in his mouth before. Poor sweet pea. Last night I ended up sleeping with him on the sofa when he woke up a couple times. He had himself so upset that he threw up in his bed. I admit it was nice to snuggle together and get back to sleep.

So, back to Jacob... He's ready for school. I am not. Monday will be here before we know it. I'm hoping we have a fun weekend and it doesn't pass too quickly because I want to enjoy the last few days before my son is a full time student. Where did those years go?

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Lilly said...

My boy started kindergarten on
8/18. He was perfectly fine and had a smile ear to ear the entire drive to school. When we arrived at school I thought he would explode w/excitement he was so happy! I was not so happy - but I kept it in check until we left his classroom and got in the car. Then the streams of tears began and I cried until I got to work. I had a heavy heart ALL day long! It was way harder on me then I expected. It's a milestone and inevitable but GOSH! I feel like I just brought him home from the hospital and now I have to send him to school???!!! OMG! I am way overemotional so I am sure you will be fine (but if you are not just know you have a sister here that knows you pain!)
: )Good luck and a big cyber hug to your little guy on his big day!
PS Give yur hubby the camera - I was too busy crying that I missed getting pics of him in his actual class! Duh!