Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Paperwork, PTA and Volunteering...

I went to get Jacob's information packet yesterday at his school. He was so proud to walk in and carry his paperwork back out with us. I came home and filled out a stack of papers signing my life away. I thought registration papers were bad, this was even worse! It made me feel good to fill out the security and emergency sheets though because now I know the procedures and standards behind the school district policy.

They also gave me PTA forms to fill out. I won't run for officer or anything, but I did sign up for membership and to help at school functions where needed on a volunteer level. I'll have two kids still at home so my spare time will be limited as far as that goes. I do want to attend field trips and such with Jacob though. I can get a sitter to watch the smaller two for that.

So, I return the packet on August 19th where we'll get his teacher's name. We won't meet the teacher until September 4th on a special night in his classroom.

I'm still anxious and nervous! It really has been nerve wracking for me. I'm working on my emotions though.

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