Thursday, September 18, 2008

What is Normal?

I look out my front door and the piles of storm debris and the inside of what needs to be cleared of people's homes grows larger. Fences, Sheetrock, Appliances, Carpet, Insulation, Furniture, and unidentifiable things line our street. We live by a curfew every day. Our city is still without power to 70% of its residents. The stores are closed, except two that have daily lines out of the doors. The gas stations are slowly coming back, but there are three that are open on our end of town with lines that last 20-45 minutes depending. Life is slowly coming back to normal, but it's still surreal to drive around and live in such an unusual world. A world in which we're not accustomed to these days. I realize that as each day goes by this new world will soon morph back into our old world once again. The days in between have really been hard to adjust to.

We are all so blessed and grateful to have our lives and our health. Despite the whirlwind of activities in Houston and the surrounding areas we are just happy to be loved and to have love of others that care about us. We still have house guests from the initial days of the Hurricane blowing in. It's been interesting to adjust to having another family withing our family unit. They can't go home because their home is still without power, water and sewage.

We might not know what normal is anymore, but hopefully it will find us again soon. I'm ready for my life to get back to normal. This is really sad and I'm ready to be full on happy again!


andria said...

I understand.

We can't find milk and the powdered stuffs not cutting it anymore.

It's weird for everything to close at five. It's weird to look out and see all the lines of people waiting on a hot meal at the nearby school.

We got no real damage, which is surprising and we've had power since Sunday and cable today. IT's the same, yet different. School starts Monday and it will be different then too.

Of course, your normal is going to change soon anyway. Can't wait to hear the good news and see the pics. Glad to hear she didn't arrive during the storm. I was so worried for you.

Tiburon said...

Awww Aimee I am sorry you are going through all this. I am thinking about you :)

Sassy said...

It must be so strange and scary. I'm glad you're safe and I hope things get back to normal soon.