Friday, October 10, 2008

Hurricane Clean Up

I keep forgetting that we had a Hurricane a couple weeks ago until I step out of my house and see the neighbor's yards piled high with debris and their houses on the curb. Our street looks like a war zone. I need to get out there and take pictures. The heavy clean up crews have not made it into our neighborhood yet and the smell is really bad. The carpeting, insulation and sheet rock have captured moisture and smells like raw sewage if the wind catches you just right. Not only that it's really depressing to see and look at on a daily basis. Our poor neighbors really got hit hard. We were one of the lucky few that suffered the least. I swear that an angel was sitting on our roof that night because we really came out very unscathed by the storm. I feel blessed because I couldn't imagine bringing home a new baby with a home that was uninhabitable. I hope those work crews get to us soon. It would really bring a ray of sunshine to our street to see the debris leave. I know that my neighbors would like to see it go and start moving on with their lives, even if they are still living in shambles.

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