Sunday, October 05, 2008

Week Two Recovery

This cesarean has been the toughest to recover from. The doctor told me that I had a lot of scar tissue from the past cesareans and that my lower uterine segment was very thin (which we already knew). He did some repair work while he was in there reinforcing the uterus and doing things with the scar tissue in case we wanted to one day reproduce again. I thought that was nice of the ole' doc. I swear that I'm done with these three, but you never know what wild hairs I'll grow in a few years. Of course, that tummy tuck and boob job sure does sound great right about now. I'll have to balance what's more important in a couple years, I guess. Right now, thinking hormonally, I would love another one, but we'll see what the future holds.

Sarah is nursing like a champ. My left breast is a tad sore and recovering from a raw spot. I curl my toes every time it's that breasts' time to shine. It really hurts and ouchy ouch ouch! I'm hoping it feels better in the next few days. She hates the taste of the Lanolin and I've had to slather that on to heal it up. Sorry, Sarah!

My tummy looks like Hell. I've got red stretchmarks. I've got overhang. I've got steri-strips over an incision. The boobs are saggy and heavy. I'm just not attractive at the moment. I do know that it takes awhile to get back to normal and it's only temporary. I did drop 20 lbs postpartum and that feels great! Of course, I gained almost 45 this pregnancy so 20 is just a drop in the bucket. I need to focus on losing that other 25 and then some. I am nursing so I will have to wait and work on it over time. I don't want to jeopardize my goal of nursing Sarah. My goal is to nurse her to a year. Of course, I go month by month and just pray that I make it to the end of each month. So far so good!

I guess that's about it... life as a mother of three has been rewarding so far. The transition from 2-3 hasn't been that hard. Sarah fits right in. I'm glad we fought so long and hard to conceive her and I'm glad she's here! She's an angel sent from heaven.


BiBi said...

And a very sweet, precious, little angel! Congrats Aimee, I'm so happy for you and your family *hugs*

Jess T said...

So glad it is going well. :)

Hope Floats said...

They are worth every stretch mark, aren't they :)

Jen Taurus said...

Thanks for sharing you baby with us. I know you probably will never get sick of the color pink. I am so glad I had my daughter when I first got pregnant, since I could never get pregnant again.

Enjoy every minute with her and the boys. You all look like such a happy family.

Lisa said...

I prefer to call the stretch marks my pregnancy stripes since I earned them. ;-)

Take it easy and hoping for a smoother recovery for you.

Michelle said...

I am so happy your nursing relationship is strong! You will be back to hottie body in no time.

She is so darn adorable!

Tiburon said...

I hope you are doing better and better every day!

AmyRobynne said...

I hope you're able to keep recuperating and feeling better every day.

Remember that nursing sucks up (ha ha!) 500 calories a day -- way easier than exercise or dieting :)