Friday, November 21, 2008

Traveling for Thanksgiving

We are traveling to Louisiana for our six hour (one way) trip to Louisiana this year. We're leaving Tuesday and returning on the following weekend. I am already about to slit my wrists and fall over from the thought of everything stressful that will go along with this trip. The first stress factor is THREE kids and the gear you pack for those THREE kids. The next is the thought of Mr. Big and all his camoflauge and guns. Dear Lord, we have a trailer just to haul this stuff. Can you say Sanford and Son? Yea. I can.

The positives because you know that I can muster up some positives...The van does have a DVD player! Woo Hoo! I have two wallets full of DVDs for the kids. Enough movies to travel to New York and back, actually. The boys are excited about going and spending time with their cousins.

Then there's Sarah. The only positive I can come up with for her is that I won't have to make bottles for her. I have milk "on wheels" and will just have to nurse when she's hungry. No mess. Although there is some sort of privacy issues concerning the boob, but hey... we aren't talking negatives here, people!

All in all, it will be very interesting. I hope I come home in one piece and won't have to start medications upon return. Although medications aren't sounding half bad at the moment...

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BiBi said...

Hope it goes easy for you guys. *hugs* Have a safe trip!