Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye, Bye 2008...

This year has been a quick year. 2008 came and went in a flash!

January/February 2008 was welcomed with a positive pregnancy test where I spent the next 10 months carrying my baby girl to term. I had a delightful pregnancy and I really look back on it with admiration. I also turned 32 years young. Mr. Big turned 42 years young. The boys turned 5 and 3. Sarah was born on September 26, 2008. I became the Mom of three kids. Mr. Big still trudges along as a Financial Adviser where the stock market has taken a beating. I don't know how he's managed to feed, clothe and house our family, but with the grace of God, he has. It's been a good year from a health stand point as we've had no major health issues in our family. I am thankful for all the good will we've had bestowed upon us and all in all, 2008 was quite a year!

Tomorrow will be 2009 and while I don't make resolutions, I do make goals and I hope that this year I can become more organized, declutter our house and keep my family happy and healthy. I hope that our finances as a family improve and that our country gets back on track as well. I just pray for peace and happiness. And, I thank God for all that he has given me and my family.

Happy 2009!!!

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Melissa said...

Happy New Year to you!
Love the idea of goals rather than resolutions.
Hoping for the best for you and yours in 2009!