Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas Scrapping


Colleen said...

Those are adorable! Do you have some type of scrapping software or can you find stuff like that for free on-line? So, so cute!

Jerri Ann said...

Hey, those are adorable! I also wanted to say that I can't believe you let your baby go hunting. I'm just kidding. My 4 year old says he wants to go and my husband and I aren't into like you guys are so we have no clue where he got this idea that "going hunting" would be fun.

But, I love that photo in the camo!

And, I wanted to tell you that I am running contests on 3 blogs and you get 4 chances to enter on each site.....I would love it if you would come enter and tell your readers about it too. You can gain extra entries by tweeting about it or posting about it. Please! Ok, yea, I'm begging.