Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho-Ho-Ho!!! Christmas Eve 2008

I don't know where the last year has gone. I truly don't. Life is speeding before my very eyes at such a rapid speed that I can't believe 2009 is knocking at our door.

The kids are so excited about today. Jacob has been counting down the days on a calendar he made at school. He adds a cotton ball to Santa's beard every day that goes by and he's very proud that tomorrow makes his last cotton ball. I told them this morning that if they were good all day today they could pick one present from under the tree to open tonight on Christmas Eve. The presents have conveniently been moved and rearranged with the contenders being moved to the front for viewing. Of course, Jacob has counted all the presents and knows which presents are for who with an exact count. I add more gifts under the tree at night after I wrap, just to throw him off in the mornings.

Joshua is really cute this year. We had our Christmas with Mr. Big's family last weekend and he was just adorable opening gifts. The spirit of Christmas is so innocent and sweet when you watch it unravel through the eyes of children. I just marveled at the boys this year as they opened gifts. It was fun to see them get things from their lists and even more fun to see their faces when they lit up at the sight of them. I laughed because one of Jacob's favorite gifts was a pair of New Balance tennis shoes that look a lot like a pair Mr. Big wears. He was so proud to get those shoes! Joshua was excited about all his gifts and I can't say he has a favorite one. He was just so thankful for all his gifts. It was precious!

Sarah is too little yet to understand. I can only imagine next year and the fun she will have. I am treasuring this time with her because she will be up and walking next year and I know just how quick their infanthood passes us by.

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Be safe and have fun!

*I added pictures to my Flickr account from last weekend.


Amy said...

Isn't Christmas with kids so much more fun? Did you get the Million Dollar Tree?

Veronica Lee said...

Great blog! Just stopping by your blog to wish you a very happy new year. I'm a SAHM from Malaysia.

iMommy said...

...found you through Mom Bloggers, thought I'd stop by and leave a comment! Your kids are adorable, and it sounds like you've had a great holiday season. Merry Christmas!