Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I've never hidden the fact that my three year old is a holy terror. When you look in the dictionary under the world mischief you see a picture of Josh.

Christmas Ornaments: He is utterly fascinated with the tree, much less the ornaments. The lights, the grandour, the ornaments...it's just too much to take in for his tiny head! He's broken two ornaments this year so far and the tree has been up a solid week. I'm sure there are more to come. I've walked in the living room to find him standing there rearranging ornaments with pride. I on the other hand repeat to myself "don't kill the three year old, don't kill the three year old".

Christmas decorations: How many ways can he rearrange, break, terrorize, and just man handle decorations? I lost count about five days ago when a snow globe was tossed on my tile floor defying the odds and just chipping a tiny corner of the ceramic tile. I guess I was lucky he didn't toss it at me...

Neatly wrapped presents under the tree: Or should I just cross that out and say presents with the name Joshua on the tags are now no longer neatly wrapped, but neatly destroyed? Seriously!!! I have threatened, spanked and talked him down from just about destroying them all. They have only been under there for 24 hours. Is there such thing as a hot wire for Christmas trees? Or an alarm? If so, sign me up!

Will he survive this holiday season? Stay tuned!


MomTo4Darlings said...

I saw these in the store and your post reminded me of them. You really do need them for Josh....LOL!


Chris said...


Thank God Jadyn leaves the tree alone for the most part. Every now and then she will walk up to it and touch an ornament but just to look at it and then she is done.

My German Shephard on the other hand thinks it is his personal back scratcher and rubs the branches with his back as if he is a cat. He may be the one in my house to not survive the holidays....lol