Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm trying...

I'm trying to learn more about photography and my camera. It's coming, but not as easily as I thought it would. I have a whole new found respect for photographers and what they deal with on a daily basis. It's more of an internal struggle for me to capture the perfect shot. I realize that I can snap 100 shots and out of those 100 shots only 2 *might* capture just what I had envisioned perfectly in my head. I want the perfect shot and I will stop at nothing to get it. If that means weeding through the shots and not find a single one then so be it. For the most part, however, I have found one or two that I like. I have the perfect subjects too and it's hard not to find atleast one cute shot of them. Okay, maybe more, but that's a whole other biased blog entry on how cute my little ones are.

I am really, really loving my new camera. You might not realize this but a nicer camera and learning about said nicer camera was one of the things I've always wanted to do in my life. It's one of my "bucket list" items. I think it's more learning and getting good at it. My grandfather is my inspiration because he always took really nice pictures of my brother and I growing up. I wish my scanner were working so I could share them with you. Let's just say that back in the 70's it was harder than it is today working with the older equipment. I actually have my Mom's camera and maybe one day I will start using it. Digitals are just so much easier.

Anyway-off on a tangent there... I just uploaded some pictures to my flickr. I made some of them public so take a gander. Also, I'm learning softwares, mostly photoshop. I have Photo Elements downloaded for 30 days (free trial) and it's been fun to learn some tricks there. A friend of mine is sending me Photoshop CS3 and I truly appreciate that and her generosity. I can't wait to learn on that and improve some of my pictures. Hopefully as I develop I won't use the software as a crutch and will be able to share pictures SOOC with no qualms.

So, tell me, photogs (is that right? learning the lingo here) what inspires you? What softwares do you use? What cameras do you have? Let's talk!


BiBi said...

Well you know what I have, The canon XSi ;)
I know exactly what you mean about taking 100 pictures and maybe only 2 looking ok (It happens a lot) lol!

Chris said...

I personally think EVERY photographer has to edit there photos in some way shape or form. I don't think they totally shoot SOOC ALL the time. I hardly ever take a photo that doesn't need to be tweaked. Even if it is just a tiny amount.

Of course, you will find your nitch and learn to love it! Photography is an art. It all comes down to personal choices and what YOU love. It's not YOUR own personal touch if you do what everybody else does. Just go with the flow and do what you love. WHO cares what everybody else thinks ;-)If you like all of your people green, then by all means make them greeen...haha!!
I looked at your photos and your doing great!! You will be a pro in no time at all!!