Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life with 3

I've had people ask me how life is with three kids. I have multiple responses, but the first answer right off the top of my head is "Easy". No, I'm serious. Life has been great with three kids. I'm even contemplationg a 4th kid because it's just that easy. I'm sure that having an easy baby makes it seem like gravy, but seriously, I'm loving life over here! My kids are all so different and unique. They add a spice to our lives that wasn't there before and while our life is completely chaotic I can't imagine it any other way at the moment.

Jacob is the typical first born child. He's eager to please everyone and is really easy to handle. He's laid back and easy going. He loves art and keeps himself entertained for hours just coloring or drawing. He loves watching movies, playing with action figures and doing things in his room like build forts and create imaginary scenerios. He is honest and forthcoming if he is guilty of doing something wrong. He's got such a sweet nature about him and is such a caring, loving person. He's compassionate about what he believes in and will stand up for those he loves. He's quiet and internalizes quite a bit, but will share his feelings when prompted. He is just an all around good guy. He reminds me of myself as a young child because he's always trying to do the right thing even when put into situations where he could do the wrong thing. He's a good citizen and makes great decisions for a five year old boy. He's a dreamer and a planner. He is just a great mixture of Mr. Big and I and I love watching him think and rationalize.

Joshua is our wild-child. He has energy that is unstoppable. He never tires and when he does you know it's because he's worn himself out. He is stubborn, hard headed and strong willed. He gives me a run for my money on a daily basis. He challenges not only me, but everyone he meets. He's out-going and will talk your ear off. He's inquisitive and will ask you a million questions a day, only to ask you the same or different questions the next day. He has a spirit that is immense. He is such a happy child and if he's frowning or crying you know there is a reason. He's got the most beautiful blue eyes and I believe that they are the window to his soul because something so beautiful can't even be bought or sold. He's charming and will capture you in seconds. He is a little ladies man and all the girls his age and older love him. He's the one that will keep us up at night when he's 16 and breaking curfews.

Sarah, while still little, is such a darling girl. When she was born and people would ask me about her I would describe her as "perfect". In my mind the instance I saw her I thought "perfection". When the doctor pulled her out he held her up so we could see her and she was the first of my babies to not immediately scream out like a banshee. She took her first breath, made a soft cry and then just looked at us with those newborn eyes. She's pretty much been the same ever since. She is an easy, happy, good baby. There is no other way to describe her because she is really just that easy to love and care for. She has a calmness about her that my boys don't have. She is content to sit with you in your lap and just hang out. She has the most beautiful smile that will light up the room. She belly laughs and makes the dog laugh with her. I remember when I was pregnant thinking that if I was pregnant with a boy I'd be okay with that because I loved my boys so much and what would I do with a daughter. I now can't imagine her being a boy and God, what I would have been missing if she would have been a boy. For me, having a daughter has really been a dream come true and I just feel so complete with her in my life. There is a sense of friendship with her that I hope we always keep in life.

So, all in all, my kids are completely different people. I love them for who they are and what they all bring to this family. They really make life fun and entertaining. I look back to when we didn't know if we'd ever have a family of our own and it all seems so foreign. Memories that seem so distant, yet so real for me. I just know now that God's timing was perfect and he did send me three perfect children. They are the lights of my life. Will we add another one? I don't know. Right now we say we're done, but I wonder if in a couple years we will want another one. Time will tell, but for now I feel so happy, so alive and so content with the three wonderful babies I already have. I will never take them for granted one second, one minute, one hour of one day. You can ask them all if I tell them I love them and they will probably tell you, Yes, she tells us too much. I can only say that I can't tell them enough.

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Katie said...

I am so happy for you. You should go for a fourth maybe even a fifth and sixth lol.