Monday, March 30, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

Jacob lost his first tooth on March 27th. He tugged and tugged on it and finally asked if we could assist him in the removal process. I tied a piece of floss to the tooth and tugged on it and it was really (hanging by a thread) loose. My Mom was over and she has longer nails than myself so she tugged on it after the floss tug and whalla, it was out! Jacob was so proud. You could see the pride in his eyes as he looked at the tooth. We put a wash cloth in his mouth to stop the bleeding and he would walk to the mirror checking out the hole in his mouth. He was beaming! So, now he has a hole up front, but the adult tooth is already in position moving forward into that spot. It's amazing that he's old enough to even lose a tooth.

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Katie said...

So exciting! He is getting so big. My Connor is 6 and STILL didn't even lose one yet. He is so mad lol.