Thursday, May 28, 2009

Keeping disease away when you have three littles...

is near impossible. I mean, how do you isolate one from the pack when one becomes ill? You can't. The disease eventually spreads around and the second person then spreads it to the third person and before you know it we're all sick! Bleh! I have to admit my biggest baby isn't one of the littles. I'll let you figure it out, but I won't name names (Mr. Big!).

As you've probably guessed... we're all sick at my house. Joshua came down with it first. Sarah second. Mr. Big third and Me fourth. One more to go. Let's hope he can stay well for four more days of school. He has really fun things planned tomorrow and next week and I know he'd be devastated to miss them.

Oh and Sarah turned 8 months old this week! Look at this big girl!

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