Friday, May 01, 2009

Life in General...

Life has been crazy busy. I look at my calendar and it's almost summer already! Where do the days and months go? They fly by at such a rapid speed that I can't catch my bearings most days. I do a load of laundry and the dirty clothes hamper is piled high the next day, or so it seems. I guess between a household of little kiddos and a life in general, time just passes us by. We have all been well. The kids are growing and flourishing at a rapid speed.

Jacob is doing great in Kindergarten. He will get out of school on June 4th and then we'll do some fun summer things together as a family. I'm sure the house will be hectic when we've got three at home. That just translates to more fighting over toys and boredom when we have to stay in to get housework done.

Joshua is really into building Geotrax train stations and tracks. He's got the mind of an engineer and loves to line his cars up in highway jams. He is still my mischievous monster and really just lives in his own little world most of the time. He's grown so much that when I hold him in my lap his limbs just hang off of me. It's amazing how fast they grow!

Sarah, well, she's the sweetest pea in the bunch. I can't complain one iota about that little girl. She is the light in our lives. She makes our family shine. She really just compliments us. I love, love, love her and if I could eat her I would. She's just delicious.

So, I hope you're life is busy, but you're still getting to stop and smell the roses. I try... it's hard, but I do try! Let me know how you're doing! I'm sure if you are on Facebook you get my updates there as well and know that I'm around and alive.

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